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    Default great article

    Great article. This stood out for me.

    Low night time serum melatonin concentrations have been reported in patients with depression and patients with seasonal affective disorder have phase - delayed melatonin secretion[6,9].
    It is believed that the hormone also has antigonadal or antiovulatory effects in humans, as it does in some seasonal and nonseasonal mammalian breeders. Melatonin acts in gonades indirectly, reducing the secretion of gonadotropines and mainly LH[44]. Melatonin may have a role in the timing of puberty and the onset of puberty in humans may be related to the decline in melatonin secretion that occurs as children grow[7].
    There is evidence from experimental studies that melatonin influences the growth of spontaneous and induced tumors in animals. Pinealectomy enhances tumor growth and the administration of melatonin reverses this effect or inhibits tumorigenesis caused by carcinogens[49]. Data on the relation between melatonin and oncogenesis in humans are conflicting, but the majority of the reports point toward protective action. The mechanism by which melatonin may inhibit tumor growth is not known.
    These concerns are good reasons to sleep in a dark room. It costs nothing and it's probably healthier.

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