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    Default Mineral Ratios & Spinal Alignment

    Found this during some late night lay-research:

    This rather blew my mind. I have tried writing to the Author looking for his qualifications and supporting literature, but the email address isn't working.

    The snip below is out of context. Is there any literature supporting these statements? This is best read in context of the full web posting.

    Scoliosis (curvature of the spine) can develop when several related mineral ratios become abnormal and subsequently affect their corresponding spinal segments. Practitioners who look at scoliosis from a structural or congenital perspective alone neglect the possible chemical, neurological and/or organic implications with this condition, and they subsequently try to treat scoliosis with exercise, braces, casts or corrective surgery only. Chiropractic manipulation is another option and may be helpful in slowing or even reversing some forms of scoliosis, provided patients receive regular and ongoing adjustments.

    If the primary treatment of scoliosis consists of normalizing a patient's corresponding mineral ratios (which may also include complementary exercise, chiropractic care, and/or a change in habit-forming one-sided sitting or sleeping positions), then any related chemical, neurological, or organic medical conditions are also taken care of at the same time. This also applies to the treatment of Sciatica when not related to a herniated disk.

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