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    Default Which exercise regime to invest in....?

    Thank you for this post - Dr Stitzel, what you have to say is very interesting. I'm guessing that the weight system you mention is only suitable for children and teenagers? I'd love to hear what you recommend for adults who want to manage their scoliosis and maintain body function as they age. There are so many options, and limited time and money.... I am a 38 year old woman, have had mild scoliosis since I was about 14 to my knowledge, diagnosed at 30 when my knees started to hurt (grew up overseas, no tests!). My curve is mild, but it causes me migraines and pain in my shoulders and hips. I have SI joint damage and a herniated disc in my neck, also as a result, and bunions. My middle trapezius muscles overwork and are rock solid. I have had some physical therapy for my neck, but need to know how to invest in my longer term health. Would you recommend pilates or yoga (with a specialist instructor), Gyrokinesis, Shaw Method swimming, MELT method, massage, myofacial release....? I am stuck and would really value your advice. Many thanks.

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    Hello Indigo,

    Thank you for taking the time to respond on the forum. All too often, people private message me questions, which excludes everyone else from joining in on and learning from the discussion.

    The weighting system we are using to re-train the automatic postural control centers in the brain work quite well on adult patients, as with adolscent patients. The primary results difference between adult vs adolscent cases is generally related to curve flexibility, than the brain's neuroplasicity.

    You are also correct in your view points of a scoliosis execise based approach being an "investment" and a life long journey....As all scoliosis treatment is.

    My best advise to you is to chose an approach that targets the actual cause of the condition (neuro/hormonal), as well as the primary symptom (the spinal curvature) itself. The additional complicating factors in your case (the trap muscles spasms, herniated disc, ect) may also have to be addressed as matters separate from the scoliosis treatment.

    I hope this helps and best in health,


    I'm searching for the scoliosis treatment of the future!

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