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    Default Is ScoliSMART the most comprehensive program?

    Scoliosis is primarily a neurological and hormonal condition that causes spinal curvature. It is primarily a chronic, genetic condition, that appears in teenagers, particularly girls, in their early adolescence. The characteristic symptom of scoliosis is curvature of the spine, where rather than remaining straight during periods of rapid growth, the spine will rotate in on itself. However, unlike most Scoliosis doctors, the team at ScoliSmart recognized that to treat the spinal curvature, they had to target the underlying cause. They realized that the spinal curvature is actually the primary symptom, not the condition itself.

    The ScoliSmart approach goes beyond treating spinal curvature and targets the underlying cause of the condition. The ScoliSmart team discovered that scoliosis and the resulting spinal curvature appears to be caused by what they call a “feedback problem.” Through continued research, they found that in a person without Scoliosis, the brain automatically knows which muscles need to be engaged to hold the spine straight.

    In somebody who has Scoliosis, these “automatic postural control centers” in the brain do not seem to receive the muscle feedback they need to straighten the spine. The breakthrough that makes ScoliSmart’s therapy effective, is that their treatment uses these fundamentals to focus on “re-training the brain to strengthen and use the postural control muscles “ScoliSmart is a whole different process. And based off that new process, our application is completely different. It’s all about “targeting and re-training the automatic postural control centers that will ultimately
    lead you to a reduced curvature that can be maintained because the brain learns how to maintain it.

    ”ScoliSmart is a new, revolutionary system of advanced Scoliosis care and management. With over 50 years in combined clinical and patient experience, a team of Scoliosis doctors are inventing and patenting new, non-traditional Scolisis home-care equipment coupled with state-of-the-art DNA and genetic testing. The same doctor that invented the Scoliosis Activity Suit is continuing to pioneer new systems of spinal correction along with the ScoliSmart lab dedicated to neurotransmitter research for scoliosis – the ScoliSmart team of doctors all geared at creating programs that excel in non-surgical fusion and minimally-invasive, Scoliosis solutions.

    As a diagnosis and screening center, ScoliSmart provides the most current, evolving, non-invasive, non-surgical approach to the treatment and reversal of Scoliosis in patients at all ages. However, since early detection provides the best opportunity to reverse and stabilize the spinal abnormality, ScoliSmart strongly recommends early screening across the country. And since adolescent idiopathic Scoliosis affects girls the most, ages 10-to-15, who have have the highest percentage of Scoliosis, Scoliosis awareness through education and timely information is paramount importance.

    The ScoliSmart approach is not a specific treatment, but rather a “Full-Body Solution Strategy. Our doctors just don’t “treat the symptom.” They approach every patient from an “Everything is Connected” standpoint. Our doctors understand the alignment to your spine is controlled by your brain. This neuromuscular understanding and application of human body mechanics therapy, combined with proprietary ScoliSmart treatments, techniques, and nutritional programs, are used in unison to produce the desired results.

    This new combined ScoliSystem of care is designed to “reprogram” the brain to recognize these new postural commands. By reinforcing this new muscle memory strategy on a daily basis with the ScoliSmart personalized treatment program. Our goal at ScoliSmart is to continue to “unlock the spine,” restore normal neurotransmitter levels, induce new muscle memory, and continue to “reprogram the brain” to help reverse, maintain, or stabilize the curvature. As an approach who only recommends fusion surgery as a last resort, everything we do at ScoliSmart is geared to avoid invasive Scoliosis procedures and minimize the risk of progression. If you are not deemed a worthy candidate for the ScoliSmart Program, we are partnering with a new breakthrough, non-fusion surgery and less invasive spinal correction technical called "Scoliosis Tethering", which can be combined with pre-op and post op ScoliSMART programs to maximize its effectiveness and increase long-term success rates.

    The most current understanding of the scoliosis condition warrants updating our treatment approaches as well. ScoliSMART clinics provide the most comprehensive scoliosis treatment system ever developed based on the most comprehensive understanding of the condition. Be smart. Start ScoliSMART.

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