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    Default Scoliosis Activity Suit: Before and After Pictures

    I have been asked to post photos of patients with and without the Scoliosis Activity Suit™. Here are a couple of recent patients who've been fitted for the Scoliosis Activity Suit™ (formerly the "Tornado Suit")

    Before_TS Pt 1.jpgAfter_TS Pt 1.jpgBefore_TS_2 Pt 2.jpgAfter_TS_2 Pt 2.jpg

    The Scoliosis Activity Suit™ in and of itself is not a solo treatment. This Suit MUST be accompanied by a good neuromuscular rehabilitation program that will complement the Scoliosis Activity Suit™ and allow it to work to its maximum potential.

    As you can see from these photos, the postural deviations are similar. However, the Scoliosis Activity Suit™ configuration is quite different. This is because the Scoliosis Activity Suit™ is configured in such a manner that causes neuromuscular reaction and ultimately self-correction. This is what makes the Scoliosis Activity Suit™ different from rigid bracing and dynamic bracing. Bracing forces the spine to hold a passive correction. The Scoliosis Activity Suit™ neurologically exaggerates the scoliosis torsion, thereby forcing the spinal rotator muscles to reflexively counter-rotate, resulting in immediate spine and posture improvement. But again, due to the flexibility of the Scoliosis Activity Suit™, it has to be used with a neuromuscular rehabilitation-based scoliosis program.

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    Thanks Dr Morningstar.

    forcing the spinal rotator muscles to reflexively counter-rotate
    That reflexive action is something that will be a great benefit if the tornado suit can actually provide that reaction.
    The images looks promising and I look forward to learn more about your new development and understand how it works.

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