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    Exclamation CLEAR Institute Takes Complaints Head On......

    New ideas in scoliosis treatment

    New ideas are almost never readily accepted....even when they are good ideas. Many times new ideas are met with skepticism (understandably) and rejection, simply because it challenges the current conventional wisdom. The general public aren't the only ones whom are prone to this "knee jerk" type reaction to new ideas. Many established "experts" in the field are quick to condemn new ideas without investigation and generally their condemnation is based off a "That isn't the way we do things around here" [protecting their status quo] or "It wasn't invented here" [protecting their egos] perspective. Most will hide behind the "evidence based medicine" (which, as a note of reference, I fully support) excuse, until it is undeniably pointed out that scoliosis brace treatment and scoliosis surgeryhave no evidence based medicine basis either, but that doesn't stop them from recommending it to patients despite their extreme invasiveness and poor long-term outcomes.

    None-the-less, many people feel the need to look for the negative attributes in new ideas and the CLEAR Institute Scoliosis Treatment has not been immune to this type of criticism, so I have written this hubpage to address 8 of the most common "CLEAR Institute complaints" that I have come across thus far. I'm sure more will be added to the list in time.

    1. No two scoliosis cases are the same.
    2. Are the results long lasting?
    3. Is CLEAR Institute Scoliosis Treatment cost effective?
    4. Is there any CLEAR Institute Scoliosis Treatment research?
    5. Improving CLEAR Institute technology yeilds continually better results.
    6. Patient compliance with the home rehabilitation program is MANDATORY.
    7. Late stage (severe) scoliosis intervention.
    8. Realistic scoliosis treatment expectations.

    ** Ok, so #5 isn't a "CLEAR Institute complaint", but it explains why the results some patients reported from 8 years ago are different from the current CLEAR Institute results patients are reporting now.

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