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SpineCor scoliosis brace comfort issues?

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by , 03-13-2011 at 01:09 PM (7359 Views)
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I saw this “EmBraced In Comfort bodysuit” in a blog and thought it might be interesting for people using the ScineCor scoliosis brace.

I personally don’t know if there are any issues with the comfort of the brace, but assume that there are as such a product has made it to the market.

You can find more information about the “EmBraced In Comfort bodysuit” here.


  1. mansi542's Avatar

    I just got my spinecor brace and have been wearing it from the last 2 days,but with extreme discomfort.I am unable to sleep at night and the straps are hurting my skin and leaving the red scar as if i have been tied by a rope.
    I have tried to wear a thin tshirt first and then strap myself with trhe brace which has a helped a little bit.The shorts are also extremely uncomfortable and hurts a lot.
    Since I have been told by my doctor to wear it for atleast 22 hrs a day i was wondering if there is some sort of special clothing that might be available which i can wear first before wearing the brace to reduce some discomfort?
    Any suggestion from any old time user of spinceor will be highly appreciated.

    Please Advise!

    Thank You
  2. doc.sid's Avatar
    I have been fitting people with SpineCor for 5 years. Typically SpineCor should be worn 20 hours a day with 2, 2 hour breaks. The brace should not be so tight that it is causing you red scars. It might be possible that it was fitted incorrectly. Who was the doctor that fitted you or was it an orthortist that fitted you?

    Dr. Sid

  3. mamamax's Avatar
    I'm an xSpincor patient. Dr. Sid's comments are well said. Also properly fitted patients are instructed to go through a breaking in period. Something like 2 hours the first day, increasing that time daily, or every few days until maximum prescribed time is achieved WITH COMFORT. It cannot be emphasized enough that (1) the brace must be properly fitted by an experienced hand and (2) The under garmet made by Spinecor must be used (or one very very similar to it). I've been away for at least a year and know this post is stale dated - but maybe someone else may benefit from the information. Best of luck.
  4. mamamax's Avatar
    P.s. personally did not like the "shorts" model and was happier with the pelvis belt.
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