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Scoliosis Activity Suit: Am I A Candidate?

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by , 06-21-2013 at 01:02 PM (5711 Views)
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The "Scoliosis Activity Suit" (formerly "the Tornado Suit") was designed for specific types of patients. Each prospective candidate patient must participate in a fitting process. This fitting process will ultimately determine whether or not the Scoliosis Activity SuitTM will be beneficial to them.

Although the fitting process will be the definitive guide as to whether or not a prospective patient is a good candidate for the Scoliosis Activity SuitTM, there are general categories of patients who typically have the best results with the Scoliosis Activity SuitTM. They are as follows:

Juvenile/Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis: Children with early, mild curves are ideal candidates for the Scoliosis Activity Suit TM. These children can be genetically tested to determine their respective potential for risk progression. If they have an elevated genetic risk for scoliosis progression, then it is wise to get them fitted for a Scoliosis Activity SuitTM to keep the chance of progression minimal.

Patients with larger scoliosis curves who are opting against rigid bracing and/or surgery: Due to the psychological impact of rigid bracing, as well as the safety risks and costs associated with scoliosis surgery, many patients or their parents are looking for viable alternative to these procedures. The Scoliosis Activity SuitTM, as part of a comprehensive scoliosis rehabilitation program, may enhance the benefits of neuromuscular reeducation, as well as to minimize the impact of postural collapse that occurs throughout the day in scoliosis patients.

Finally, adult patients with scoliosis whose curve(s) are causing chronic back or hip pain: Adult patients with scoliosis often report chronic back pain as the number one reason for seeking treatment. In these cases, the scoliosis has been present for decades, and has become very rigid and restrictive. Adult patients often prefer the Scoliosis Activity SuitTM because it helps them improve their posture, and allows them to fulfill their normal daily activities without the fear of pain and discomfort. Since many adult patients with scoliosis are peri- or post-menopausal, the TornadoSuitTM may help prevent further deterioration of bone density, which often occurs in this age population as a result of the hormone changes associated with menopause.

The Scoliosis Activity SuitTM works on two very different levels. First, the Scoliosis Activity SuitTM causes the body’s postural reflexes to engage and automatically self-correct the scoliosis. This type of correction is complex and therefore requires highly skilled Scoliosis Activity SuitTM fitters to accomplish this. Secondly, it also works similarly to rigid bracing wherein the Scoliosis Activity SuitTM acts as a physical barrier to prevent postural collapse, or increased deviation of the torso away from the midline of the body. Many Scoliosis Activity SuitTM physicians will opt for both applications during different aspects of a scoliosis rehabilitation program. However, neuromuscular re-education must be a core component of any scoliosis rehabilitation program in which the Scoliosis Activity SuitTM is being used, otherwise, the Scoliosis Activity SuitTM will not produce the desired effect.


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