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scoliosis treatement and cerebral palsy

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A TornadoSuit is an activity suit for scoliosis. The reason it is not a brace (rigid or dynamic) is because it has uses and neurological applications that no type of brace can provide. It is designed to be used in conjunction with a neuromuscular reeducation based exercise program like ARC3D or CLEAR. In the initial year of fittings with the TornadoSuit we fit 6 children with CP, 2 of them wheelchair bound. One of the children in the wheelchair stabilized (curve stayed within 5 degrees) and one of the 4 not in a wheelchair still progressed. The remainder of the children saw their curves improve to varying degrees. However, I will stress that those who were not wheelchair bound participated in specific neuromuscular exercises to rehabilitate their posture and spine control.

Given that his extremity strength is intact, despite his reduced torso tone, he should be able to participate in these types of exercises with the TornadoSuit, which will actually help improve his torso strength and stability over time.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me any time.

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