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    Post Residual effects after Corrective surgery of scoliosis (AIS)

    Hi, The following belongs to my younger sister for the history of AIS with its treatment:

    1. The Spine curvature and a bump in left side of back was diagnosed at age of 14 yrs. The operation / surgery was proposed. The corrective surgery was carried out in the at age of 17 yrs.

    2. The following effects are observed after one year of surgery:
    a. The angle of curvature initially was more than 80 deg. It has been reduced to 40-45 deg.
    b. The back and front chest has been made straight with no bend.
    c. The height has been increased about 3.5 Inch.

    3. However the following are the residual effects of it:
    a. The tilt on right side in height is evident
    b. Left butt is more obvious than the right one, The right leg is shorter by 1 inch than the left leg. That indicates leaning on right side while walking.

    What is the possible remedy for these? Does it mean to undergo another surgery or Alternate means like exercises and braces etc can resolve the issues?

    Any assistance and guidance in this concern will be appreciated.

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